Benidorm Linedancing with Andrea Atkinson


January 2017

Shards Of Glass - Karl-Harry Winson

Missing - Heather Barton

Call Someone Who Cares - Lesley Stewart

A Walk In The Irish Rain - Mike Stringer

The Way - Gerard Murphy (Recap)

Lay Down & Dance - Vikki Morris (Recap)

Toss & Turn - Gary Lafferty

Movin´and a Groovin´ - Jo Thompson Szymanski

New Kids On The Block - Audrey Watson (Recap)

Loving You - Willem & Anthoneta Snell (Recap)

Rated R - Karl-Harry Winson & Daniel Whittaker (Recap)

Water Off A Ducks Back . Hazel Pace (Recap)

We Only Live Once - RMH (Recap)

Boyfriend Of The Year - Yvonne Anderson (Recap)

Makin´ Me look Good Again - Vikki Morris

Alvaro - RMH & Karl-Harry Winson (Recap)

Loved Too Much - Kim Ray

Morning Sun & Memories - Yvonne Anderson (Recap)

I Am Me (I Love My Life) - Wille Brown & Heather Barton

Bored - Ria Vos (Recap)

Love Is Like - Maggie Gallagher (Recap)

Bucket List - Gaye Teather (Recap)

Too Late For Sorrow - Alex Robb

Urban Love Song - Diana Dawson

Viva Loco - Kate Sala

Better When I'm Dancin' - Julia Wetzel (Recap)

You Belong - Robbie McGowen Hickie & Jef Camps

Por Ti Sere ' Jo Thompson (Recap)

Viva Loco - Kate Sala (Recap)

February 2017

Moo Dee Blues - Dee Musk

Don't Rush - Rob & Lianne Fowler (Recap)

Cowboy For A Night - Alison, David, Pedro & Ira

Viva Loco - kate Sala (Recap)

Feet Don't Fail Me Now - Peter Metelnick (Recap)

I Can't Be Bothered - Teresa & Vera (Recap)

Superwoman - Kate Sala

Water Off A Ducks Back - Hazel Pace (Recap)

When She Was My Girl - Shelly Guichard & Conor McVeigh

Quarter After One - Levi J Hubbard (Recap)

Holy Days - Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton

Summer Of Love - Michelle Risley (Recap)

11:59 - Alexis Strong

I Worship Her - Andrew & Sheila Palmer

Dream On - Maggie Gallagher

You Belong - RMH & Jef Camps (Recap)

In Love - Richard Palmer & Lorna Dennis

Tango With Me Darling - Rob Fowler & Daniel Whittaker

An Irish Waltz - Jan Wylie (Recap)

Let It Swing - Jamie Barnfield

East To West - Larry Hayden (Recap)