Benidorm Linedancing with Andrea Atkinson


November 2016

What Should I Do - Wil Bos

Ay Amor - Ria Vos (Recap)

Rated R - Daniel Whittaker & Karl-Harry Winson

Once Bitten Twice Shy - Lorna Cairns (Recap)

More Than Amigos - Kate Sala & Sharon Tilki

Lay Down & Dance - Vikki Morris

I came To Love You - Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk (Recap)

Funky Love - Maggie Gallagher

Dear Friend - Kate Sala (Recap)

Don't I Wish It Was - Ryan King (Recap)

Lay Down & Dance - Vikki Morris (Recap)

So Good - Ria Vos & Shelly Guichard

What About Tonight - Robbie McGowen Hickie

Carnival Ride - Tina Argyle

So Good - Ria Vos & Shelly Guichard (Recap)

December 2016

Throw Away The Key - Alison & Peter (Recap)

What About Tonight - RMH (Recap)

Side By Side - Pat Stott (Recap)

Echoes of Love - Maggie Gallagher

Sweet Dreams - Pat Stott

South Australia - Gary O'Reilly (Recap)

Loving You - Willem & Anthoneta Snell

Water Off A Ducks Back - Hazel Pace (Taught by Lorraine Price)

Cuidad Patricia - Andrea Atkinson And The Pensionista's

Rated R - Daniel & Karl-Harry (Recap)

Dimelo Tu - Francein Sittrop & Willem Snell

Dominick The Donkey Mike Hitchen (Recap)

Bored - Ria Vos

Say It Again - Kate Sala (Recap)

I Came To Love You - Dee & Gary (Recap)

Left In The Dark - Vivienne Scott (Recap)  Lorraine Price

MamboSA - Ria Vos (Recap)

Empty Space - Maria Maag - Lorraine Price