Benidorm Linedancing with Andrea Atkinson


November 2018

I´ve Been Waiting For You - Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot
Mamma  Mia! Why Me? - Lee Hamilton
Woman Trouble - Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle (Recap)
Make You Mine - Darren Bailey
Hurt Me Carefully - Ria Vos (Recap)
Get It Right - Maddison Glover
Thorns & Roses - Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk (Recap)
Black Coffee - Helen O´Malley (Recap)
Forget-Me-Not - Pat Stott (Recap)
No Mans Land - Ria Vos (Recap)
Shaping Up - Robbie McGowan Hickie (Recap)
Come Tomorrow - Michele Perron (Recap)
Feel Alive - RMH (Recap)
Blue Crying Eyes - John Warnars (Recap)
Love Is Loud - Robbie McGowan Hickie (Recap)
Red Red Red Lights - Rep Ghazali-Meaney
Ribbon Of Highway - Neil Hale (Recap)
Graffiti - Karl-Harry Winson
Close To You - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
Just Because - Pauline Bell
Brokenhearted - Gary Lafferty
Your Memory - Honky Tonk Cliff
Veneno - Ria Vos

December 2018

Veneno - Ria Vos

I Believe - Julie Snailham & Caroline Cooper (Recap)

When I Found You - Kim Ray

Shakes Me Like The Thunder - Mike Hitchen

Hotshot - Myra Harrold (Taught by David Honer)

Feel Alive - RMH (Recap)

I´ll Be There - Maggie Gallagher (Taught by Alison)

The One You´re Waiting On - Maddison Glover (Recap)

The King And I - Karl-Harry Winson

Thankyou - Tina Argyle

Somebody Like You - Alan Birchall